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How To Be  A It Works Loyal Customer…

How to be an It Works Loyal Customer is to puchase 3 products for 3 months on auto-ship at Wholesale pricing. That’s just one product for 3 months in a row at 20-50% off retail price. After that you are welcome to cancel your auto-ship and come back whenever you want, and you are Loyal Customer for Life! You will always receive your product a wholesale cost forever!

The only difference between a Loyal Customer and a Distributor is that Distributors can make retail profit and commissions, but both can buy that product at the wholesale price.

Benefits of a being a It Works Loyal Customer…

As a loyal customer you save 20-50% off on all your orders, never run out of the product you want with the flexible auto-ship service. Each month you have the ability to change your auto ship order for that month to meet your needs. Once again, if you order 3 products in 3 months on auto-ship you get Loyal Customer wholesale pricing for Life!

You will start earning Perks Points from day 1 as a Loyal Customer and when you stay on auto-ship, after 6 months you will be able to use your Perks Points. After 6 months on auto-ship, you will receive 50 FREE Perk Points!  After 12 months on auto-ship you will receive 150 FREE Perk Points to your account!

There are no minimum price or quantity restrictions to be a Loyal Customer, you just need to order 1 product each month on auto-ship for 3 consecutive months. If you cancel your It Works Loyal Customer membership before your 3rd month, then you will be charged a one-time $50 fee.

Become A Loyal Customer Today and to save up to 50% OFF and Start Earning Perk Points!

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