It Works Body Wraps Ingredients


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It Works Body Wraps Ingredients

A lot of people want to know where they can find the It Works body wraps ingredients because they’re curious what’s in it because they hear about all the great results people are having and want to try it for themselves.

Even though It Works body wraps are made with Natural ingredients,  few people want to double check the ingredients because there is the chance of them still having a reaction to it. Others just want to double check the It Works body wraps ingredients because they don’t believe their ears and eyes.

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Expect “ultimate” results with these amazing 45-minute It Works Body Wraps. The It Works Body wraps are a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning, and firming results where applied to the skin.

  • Tightens, tones, & firms
  • Minimizes cellulite appearance
  • Improves skin texture & tightness
  • Mess-free and simple to use
  • Results in as little as 45 minutes
  • Progressive results over 72 hours
  • Made with natural ingredients

Includes 4 Applicators.

Directions: Apply one Applicator to one area of your choice (such as the abdomen, back, sides, legs, arms, or buttocks) and leave on for 45 minutes. Remove and discard. Repeat after 72 hours

What Exactly Are The It Works Body Wraps Ingredients

It Works body wraps ingredients include:



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