It Works Body Wraps Available in France

It Works Body Wraps in France

It Works Body Wraps in France!

I’ll say it again… It Works body wraps in France!

It Works Global just announced that we are able to ship directly to France. So, if  you have been keeping a steady eye out for when the ItWorks body wrap would be available in France, well…tonight is your night! It Works Body Wraps France

Below is a list of countries where you can become an It Works body wraps distributor or loyal customer along with the recently added one France.

You CAN be an It Works distributor in the United States

You CAN be an It Works distributor in Canada

You CAN be an It Works distributor in Australia

You CAN be an It Works distributor in England

You CAN be an It Works distributor in Ireland

You CAN be an It Works distributor in Sweden

You CAN be an It Works distributor in Netherlands

You CAN be an It Works distributor in Belgium

You CAN be an It Works distributor in Scotland

You CAN be an It Works distributor in Wales

You CAN be an It Works distributor in Northern Ireland

You CAN be an It Works distributor in France

You want more information becoming an It Works body wraps distributor in France or any other country listed above click the button below.

It Works Body Wraps in France – Frequently Asked Questions: France Direct Shipment Now Available


Q. Will residents of France receive direct shipments of It Works body wraps?

A. Yes. Currently enrolled French Residents parcels will begin shipping directly to their residence once their shipping information is updated. New French residents enrolling for the first time will receive parcels directly by entering their address information following the proper FR address formatting.

Q. Will any French shipments be going to Belgium/Netherlands?

A. For those currently enrolled, there may be a short period of time some previous orders may arrive in Belgium/Netherlands while we work to transition all shipments to France. Effective immediately, it will no longer be necessary to ship an order for a resident of France to Belgium/Netherlands.

Q. Why isn’t France listed as a country choice on any of the It Works! websites?

A. While our current software is being programmed for a France option, please follow the instruction to use Belgium/Netherlands as the default country. We appreciate your
patience and understanding with this matter.

Q. Why are French residents required to use Belgium/Netherlands as their selected
country at enrollment or during order processing?

A. We worked diligently to offer an immediate solution to shipping conflicts with getting orders into France. While our current software is being programmed for a France option, please follow the instruction to use Belgium/Netherlands as the default country. We appreciate your patience and understanding with this matter.

Q. Will French It Works Independent Distributors receive bonuses?

A. French It Works Independent Distributors may now gain eligibility for future bonuses including Applicator Rewards, Diamond Bonuses, Fast Start Bonuses, Loyal Customer Bonus (formerly the Car Bonus), and if enrolled within the last 30 days, the BV Rebate Credit. However, bonuses that have already gone past their qualification period prior to direct shipping being available to France will not be granted.

Q. Will French customers become eligible for Perks Points?

A. Yes. Loyal Customers who update their addresses properly on their account and do not share the same address as their enrolling distributor will become eligible to earn Perks Points. However, Points that were earned prior to direct shipping being available to France will not be granted.

Q. What Customer Service support will be available to It Works customers in France?

A. French It Works Independent Distributors and customers may contact our specialized It Works! International Customer Service Team during the regular hours of operation by phone or by emailing Distributors are encouraged to submit a support ticket through their eSuite. All support will be in English at this time.

Enrollment/Shipping Changes Instructions in French

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