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The It Works Distributor Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 box of It Works Body Wraps (Ultimate Body Applicators – 4 Count)
  • Blitz Cards (promotional business cards/coupons)
  • Catalogs
  • Success from Home Magazine (Full Feature of It Works)
  • Loyal Customer Order Forms
  • Distributor Forms
  • Other promotional and marketing materials
  • Success on Demand (one of, if not the largest Personal Development video/audio/text library)
  • Replicated website, and *eSuite free for 30 days

Everything you need to get started with this great company and opportunity. You will have your own It Works business up and running!

eSuite and Replicated Website

FREE for your first 30 days with purchase of the Business Builder Kit $20.00 per Month

eSuite is the central hub of your It Works! business where you have access to:

- ItWorks! Training Academy
- Place your orders
- Track your team’s growth
- Develop your business and yourself with SUCCESS on Demand

Replicated Website allows you to have a custom website so your customers can purchase It Works! products directly from you!

*You will need to setup a 80 BV autoship (BV = point value attached to products), so that you can be a qualified It Works distributor to receive your commission checks(you don’t want to miss those babies!). What many other distributors and myself included do, is order 2 boxes of wraps or a product pack monthly on auto ship because the wraps go fast and you can cover your auto ship with that money.

 It Works Distributor Body Wraps Kit

So, that’s only $80-$150/month to virtually run a potential million dollar business from your home. GET EXCITED! :)

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Join the It Works New Life New Dreams TEAM with Dan Howard photo join-it-works-nlndt-wraps-included-_zpsd6d5e64a.png  

I’m excited for you and pumped to help you grow your It Works business! :)

Have you taken the It Works Distributor tour?

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Hi. I have someone in mind who would be an awesome DT but I'm not sure how to approach her. I don't even know if she's heard of it works. Also she not a close friend and lives in another state. Thanks


I am trying to log in as a distributor and it says something like no history found. I am trying to order some products for myself. any answers?


I need help also with DTs. I am doing really good on getting LC's each month but of course I could always use more. How many DTs do I need to move up to Rudy & Emerald? Right now I am just a distributor.

Tara Wayman
Tara Wayman

Hello! I am looking for ways to grow my business by gaining more traffic, DTs, LC's, I have a few LC's but I want to continue to grow more and I haven't had any DT's yet and that is where I am really needing the help! Thank you!


also interested in becoming a distributor info.


please send me the info plan for the $99 get started pack to and about the different levels.


please send me info about products and how to join!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and can you join for less then the 99.00? i am not receiving my social security check until november 15, it has been four months since i got my last check!

NewLifeBodyWrap moderator

@aprilhays16  If you're not an It Works Distributor. Then you can become an It Works Distributor or It Works Loyal Customer to order products for yourself here

If you are already an It Works Distributor. You can click forgot password, then use your id and new password to login.

Hope that helps! Let me know :-)


@rebyterrazas Who is your upline sponsor? They should be able to answer your questions and add you to their Support group. Also, log into your account and under the Document Library and find the Ruby and Emerald charts, you will be able to see what it takes to promote to Ruby and Emerald.

NewLifeBodyWrap moderator

@JamilyaEggleston Great question! When you sign up as an It Works Distributor and make it to the Diamond level within your first 3 months, you will qualify to earn the $10,000 Get Out of Debt Bonus. It would pay out $400/month for 25 months on top of everything else you are earning monthly! :)

New Life Body Wraps
New Life Body Wraps

Hey Jim! Thanks for stopping by and I'm excited for you! I'm getting ready to send you an email. Be on the look out for it. Dan


Thanks for getting back to me so soon.... I appreciate that do much,can you explain how to reach diamond level indepth....if possible...also if I ordered the starter package for distributer and wanted to order extra wraps is that possible? Also once I become a distributer what will be the price that I pay for wraps,and how much would or should I charge the customers for retail not loyal customers I hope that made sense.... Thank you again for answering my questions

NewLifeBodyWrap moderator

@JamilyaEggleston Answered your text messages. Let me know if you have any other questions on selling It Works body wraps and being an It Works distributor! :)

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